Competition Dates


2019 World Championships

31 December-02 January 2020: Practice Days
03 Jan January 2020: 19:00 hrs Opening Ceremony
04-17 January 2020: Competition Days - 14 in total
18 January 2020: 10:00 hrs Closing Ceremony.

For all enquiries about accommodation, please contact the Accommodation director via email.

Lake Keepit Soaring Club has a lot of good accommodation on-site. 

It varies from basic club bunkhouse type rooms through rooms with a shared bathroom up to more luxurious rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Most rooms have quiet split air conditioners so you can get a good night's sleep.

Camping around the club area in tents, camper trailers or camper vans is allowed. Mostly, the temperature drops by bedtime so it's cool enough to get a good sleep when camping but temperatures can remain high… even above 30º on some days. Camping is a popular option at many European competitions and Lake Keepit has an added attraction… wildlife. Lots of it.

The big ones are roos and rabbits and they're everywhere. If you were hoping to see a roo while in Australia, you're in luck because we've got plenty.

Accommodation at the club may be reserved, either for officials, or workers or club members so before booking, check with the competition organisers. There's normally lots of accommodation available off-site.

Accommodation on-site can be checked and booked on the club's website,



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