Competition Dates


WWGC Practice, Club, & Sports Nationals 2018

31st December 2018 to 11th January 2019 

World Championships

 01-03 January 2020: Official Practice Days
03 Jan January 2020: 19:00 hrs Official opening
04-17 January 2020: Competition Days - 14 in total
18 January 2020: 10:00 hrs Official closing ceremony.

Here's the current entry list for the WWGC Pre-Worlds and National Club & Sports Class Gliding Championships 2018.

Last Name First Name Club Glider Event
Anderson Jay LKSC JS1 B
Arnold Sarah LKSC Std Cirrus WWGC-PW
Atkinson Matthew LKSC Ventus2cx WWGC-PW
Barnes Allan LKSC LS1-f
Beutler Rolf Geelong LS 8 St WWGC-PW
Claffey Kerrie Narromine ASG29 Sports
Codling Mike DDSC ASW27 WWGC-PW
Conway Catherine AUGC Ventus2cxt WWGC-PW
Cubley Terry GCV Ventus2cxt Sports
Davis Jo DDSC ASW19 Club
Fosha Kathryn LKSC Libelle 201B WWGC-PW
Gage Matt GCV
Ganderton Jenny LKSC Mosquito
Graells Jacques LKSC LS6a Sports
Grandstaff Sylvia LKSC Std Cirrus WWGC-PW
Holding Simon Alice Springs LS10 Sports
Hoskins Richard DDSC ASW20C Club
Ichikawa Akemi LKSC LS8 WWGC-PW
McMillan Ailsa GCV LS-4 Club
Schuit Diana Outback Soaring Discus 2cT
Shorter Dave LKSC JS1B Sports
Singer Nicholas LKSC JS1 Sports
Sizer Bernie Grampians Pik20B Club
Smits Robert LKSC/Alice Springs LS-4 Club
Stewart Ray Kingaroy Discus WWGC-PW
Taylor Bruce LKSC ASG29E Sports
Temple Peter ADL Soaring ASG29 Sports
Trotter Lisa Kingaroy LS8
Trotter Peter Kingaroy LS8
Truelove Ayala LKSC Std Libelle WWGC-PW
Turner Lisa Kingaroy ASG29 Sports
Vogt Sabrina TBA Std Libelle Club
Wilson Tim GCV ASG29E Sports
Wooley Adam Kingaroy Ventus 1.99a

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